We are Australia's leading innovator and supplier of the Neoprene CPAP Cap System. Now used in over 70 large and small hospitals and retrieval services. Also, co-designer and supplier of Australia's own Evacuation Cot Carry.

The CPAP system is fondly called the Canberra Cap, Canberra Hat, Canberra Bonnet, Canberra Neonatal CPAP Cap, Canberra CPAP head strap, Canberra Nasal Prong CPAP Cap, Canberra Infant CPAP Cap, Canberra Neonatal bubble CPAP bonnet/cap/hat/fixation device, Bubble CPAP Cap System for neonates.

Our caps are nurse and baby friendly, and super easy and secure to use. We've also made sure our caps are compatible with any CPAP device. It's a system designed by nurses for nurses.

Our founder Bev Anderson is a neonatal nurse. She set out to fulfil the need for a better system. Her experience, sewing skills and fellow nurses allowed her to create one.

A system that is now preferred by thousands of nurses. One that is also customisable to your needs. Contact us today to see how Austranter Medical can fulfil your CPAP Cap System needs.